Career Development
Enterprise Management Workshop /Youth Cadre Workshop

The Enterprise Management Workshop (Young Cadre Workshop) targets at middle and high-level (young) cadres from various industries of XMXYG CORP, aiming to unify the Group's cadres in terms of ideology, culture, and action, and enhance the driving force of cadres' continuous learning and self-cultivation. Through case teaching, theme salon, internal mobile classroom and other teaching modes, trainees will have a deep understanding on the core contents of Party history, cultural charter, integrity and self-discipline, and leadership, which will help the trainees understand XMXYG culture better, improve their comprehensive soft power, set up a knowledge system of operation and management for them, and promote cross-field exchanges and integration among trainees to realize win-win cooperation.

XMXYG Biochem Power Talent Training Program

The XMXYG Biochem Power Talent Training Program targets at training the middle-level reserve talents of XMXYG Biochemical. It aims to further improve the overall quality of middle and grassroots level management personnel and effectively strengthen the development of the talent team of XMXYG Biochemical. By integrating human resources within the scope of the whole biochemical industry, this program can fully leverage the "passing on, helping, and bringing up" role of middle and high level management, so as to promote the sustainable development of the biochemical industry.

Future Stars Talent Training Program

The Future Stars Talent Training Program targets at the management trainees of XMXYG Biochemical. The rich and diversified curriculums and teaching modes will rapidly improve the comprehensive ability of the trainees in the workplace, so as to make them the excellent reserve talents equipped with the company's core cultural literacy and practical management skills, to support the company's strategic objectives and sustainable development.

Keystone Program Training Course

The Cornerstone Program targets at XMXYG Biochemical's team leaders and cultivates and enhances their management skills. In this program. team leaders will learn how to effectively organize their teams, coordinate workflow, promote teamwork, solve problems and effectively communicate information. Upon completion of the training course, team leaders will be able to better lead and manage their teams, improve work efficiency, enhance team cohesion and contribute to the success of the company.

Lean Manufacturing Workshop

The Lean Manufacturing Workshop, targeting at the technical talents of XMXYG CORP's manufacturing industries, is designed to help participants understand and master the concepts, principles and tools of Lean Manufacturing. In the form of learning, thinking, practicing and understanding and closely catering to the requirements of "combining training and practice", the workshop focuses on the concerns and pain points of the company at the current stage of production and operation management, emphasizes the effective application of the training content in working scenarios, and helps the company to solve practical problems, improve the level of production and operation management, and help the company to establish an efficient production system and enhance its market competitiveness.

MTP/ Workplace Training Camp

The Management Training Program (MTP) and the Workplace Training Camp target at new middle-level managers, aiming at cultivating and developing excellent management talents. In these training programs, new middle-level managers can learn comprehensive management knowledge and skills, which will improve their job competence and consolidate the middle power for the long-term development of the company.

XMXYG Boot Camp

The XMXYG Boot Camp targets at all new graduates recruited by various industries of XMXYG CORP, aiming to help new employees quickly adapt to the working environment, integrate into the culture of XMXYG CORP, realize the identity change from students to employees, and improve professionalism and teamwork ability through well-designed training programs, and to cultivate outstanding talents for XMXYG CORP .

Biochem Boot Camp

Biochem Boot Camp targets at all new graduates recruited by the company and provides a series of courses on the sub-culture, strategic development, product production process, etc of XMXYG Biochemistry in addition to the new training camp courses of the Group, so as to enable the new recruits to understand the business process of each department, master the skills and knowledge required for their positions and become a strong new force of the company.

Warmth and Companionship, for Your Protection
The labor union establishes an employee care system and creates a warm and humanistic organizational atmosphere that warms employees' hearts, advocates culture and sports, promotes democracy, and enables employees to show their skills to, so that employees can work diligently and live happily.
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